streamline Lyrics by awakebutstillinbed, from the album “chaos takes the wheel and i am a passenger“, music has been produced by Joe Reinhart, and streamline song lyrics are penned down by Shannon Taylor (awakebutstillinbed).

streamline Lyrics

The night elapsing
Saturation coats my eyes
Drapes the frame of movement
And i forge seams
In the lives of strangers
Thousands of hands pulling me
Into the streamline

A light fading
Faint and getting fainter now
Stirs me to motion somehow
It’s something oblique
And unseen
A single thread guiding me
Out of the west coast
Into the humid air
Into the desert night sky
Into the wind

Do you really think that it will last?
Nothing else is like that
It came and it’ll pass
Even now you’re living in the past
Don’t you feel the moment
Slipping through your grasp?
How’re you gonna spend
The time that you have left?

A way to bring them back
The words’ alloyed hollow shine
The fire that fell out of my life
Into the streamline
A graveyard of my time
I swear that i knew what i’d
Do with the rest of my life
How do i go back?

I knew it wouldn’t last
The feeling came but couldn’t
Wash away the past
All the years blew away so fast
Time just has a way
Of slipping through the cracks
Displacing the moment
Just beyond our grasp
Will you play along
Or will you embrace collapse

Tonight i awake from sleeping on the floor
And feel the exhaustion deep within my core
All the things i used to love before
How come they don’t feel like anything anymore?
Through the dark i used to see light behind the door
How come i don’t see anything anymore?


Song: streamline
Artist: awakebutstillinbed
Album: chaos takes the wheel and i am a passenger (2023)
Music: Joe Reinhart
Lyrics: Shannon Taylor (awakebutstillinbed)

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