Streetball Lyrics by BabyTron, from the album “MegaTron 2“, music has been produced by Danny G Beats & JakeSand, and Streetball song lyrics are penned down by BabyTron.

Streetball Lyrics

(Ooh, shit, that’s a Danny G beat)
(Damn, JakeSand)

Left my bitch so quick I heard the streets call
Ain’t no rules in the game, this shit streetball
Said she blew my phone up, but I can’t recall
Shit, I knew I’d be a pro since little league
Two sisters and they friend, they tryna triple team
Never took a sip of green, never worked a triple beam
Chopper with the titties, think them bitches triple D
You would think this NyQuil, I’m in here catchin’ triple Z’s
Brodie back to back to back on hats, shit, that’s a triplе B
Ten minutes to do a song, two hours just to pick a beat
If my doublе cup was big enough, be swimming in my drink
Bitch, it’s 2023, you need to quit it with the Pink
How I cut the traction off, you’d think we spinnin’ on a rink
If I ever fall off, I’ma throw the tracker on the Brinks
Your bitch call me Stink
Well, she used to
Got the neck and blocked her number, I got shit to do, boo
Dude fruity than a bitch, should rock a tutu
He only up Ben Franks every blue moon
He don’t wanna tap a hat, he only shoot shoes
R.I.P. my baby lil’ Mari, gone too soon
You would think I’m sippin’ prune juice
Purple in my cup, plus I’m shittin’ on these goof troops
Oversized trench coat, so the Goose loose
I be too high, play the geek kit off some Moon Boots
It ain’t even noon, I’m already in route to scoop loop
Catch out fifty deep, might f*ck around, drop two nukes
Zoom, zoom, vroom, vroom after the boom, boom
Them boys down 0-8, bring me two brooms
Matter fact, bring me two shrooms
Dog Shit Militia, coupe ain’t got no leash, the roof loose
Do I got it on me? Is the truth true?
If I see them f*ckers get behind me, I’m gon— ooh, ooh
I’m gon— eh, eh
When we hoppin’ out that minivan, you gon’ hear, “Fah, fah”
The spot slammin’ 25/8, the door like— (Shitty Boyz, Dog Shit Militia)
This the March Madness and I just entered the final four
They’ll say they have your back, then stab you in your spinal cord
So get away from me, I don’t need the love
I don’t need a hug, only thing I need’s the drugs


Song: Streetball
Artist: BabyTron
Album: MegaTron 2 (2023)
Music: Danny G Beats & JakeSand
Lyrics: BabyTron

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