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Sunday in Heaven Lyrics by Zella Day, from the album “Sunday In Heaven“, and Sunday in Heaven song lyrics are penned down by Zella Day & Simon Wilcox.

Sunday in Heaven Lyrics

It’s Sunday in Heaven
The poppies won’t bloom
They are laying down for a nap
On the couch in God’s living room

It’s Sunday in Heaven
And nobody is saved

Jesus is in the park
Playing kickball for the rest of the day

Their phones are off
And they don’t want to talk
Its been a long week and their patience is shot
It’s Sunday way up in Heaven

Its Sunday in Heaven
Picking prickly pears

I’m rolling around in the dirt
Getting bubblegum stuck in my hair
Its Sunday in Heaven
Its been a long year

I’m killIng time turning water to wine
And Im waiting for you right here

Nobody smokes and they don’t get my jokes
I’m worriеd they sent you down below
And I’ll spеnd forever forever
Way up in Heaven


Song: Sunday in Heaven
Album: Sunday In Heaven (2022)
Singer: Zella Day
Lyrics: Zella Day & Simon Wilcox

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