​swallower Lyrics by Katie Dey, from the album “never falter hero girl“, and swallower song lyrics are penned down by Katie Dey.

​swallower Lyrics

Even if I should lose the light
I’m an in-between thing aren’t I
Caught for once unawares
All ready to burst but where

Its flattering of you to think
That this is the worst I can get
So useful in your uselessness
All ready to be receiving

The world to come
Nourish the earth like the sun
My swallower
Full as a cherry in spring

Even if I should try to hide
All full of desire inside
A moment with no way out
Always already too late

Until my voice finally breaks
My heart will forever remain
Suddenly fragile this thing
Can you love without trembling?

The world to come
Flourishing under the sun
My swallower
Hoarding your time like a spring

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It won’t be long
Cherish the earth ’til it’s gone
My swallower
I wanna hear it all singing


Song: ​swallower
Artist: Katie Dey
Album: never falter hero girl (2023)
Lyrics: Katie Dey

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