Tainted Eyes. Lyrics by Maurice Moore, from the album “I Need Space.”, music has been produced by Harper Gordon & LaGuil, and Tainted Eyes. song lyrics are penned down by Maurice Moore.

Tainted Eyes. Lyrics

Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh

Behind your tainted eyes
Are feelings you can’t hide
How could I be so cold?
Oh-oh-oh, left without a word
Now you can’t sleep tonight
And I told you last time
I can’t stay here forever, but I
Can stay for the night
If that’s alright
Walkin’ on broken glass, just so you can feel again
But karma fucked me in the end, sorry me, I lost a friend in you
So much wasted time
Peakin’ behind your blinds
Oh-oh-oh, there’s someone else inside
And you told me, “Not this time”
I’m nothin’ more than a stranger to you
Swallowin’ my pride
Pay me no mind this time


Song: Tainted Eyes.
Artist: Maurice Moore
Album: I Need Space. (2023)
Music: Harper Gordon & LaGuil
Lyrics: Maurice Moore

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