Take Off Lyrics by G.T. Ft. Ju Cash, from the album “Owe It To Myself”, music has been produced by Rush Murda.

Take Off Lyrics

Soon as I hear that beat, I’m takin’ off
My chain three bricks of raw, my watch two bricks of soft
Steppin’ in the foreign, they don’t see me, but they smell exhaust
God, please forgive me for the sinning, sixty on the cross
Wavy Navy, Oink Boys, stunt hard, you niggas lost
Ice tray the gang, man, your shit look like a bag of salt
Nobody ain’t give a nigga shit and that’s what made a boss
That bitch ain’t shit to me, she take trips and I just break her off

Soon as I see the beat, G, you know I’m takin’ off
Keep the motor runnin’, I hop out and get like sixty off
Switch the play, spin the block again, we gon’ finish y’all
Hit the block again, we on go, we don’t never pause (Yeah)
Yeah, thе block hot, bitch, we still outside

Hop inside thе coupe and press the pedal and fishtail the ride
All my niggas see is yellow tape and that’s that homicide
All we see is murders every day, this shit like genocide
I had to cut my circle real small, you know, minimize
And if you wanna get it like me, you gotta strategize
A lot of niggas get on a song and they fantasize
I’m the type to let it die down, but I won’t let it slide

I had to cut my mans for them bands, he was gettin’ beside
I’m the same nigga still here, I ain’t switched a side
I’m a renegade for real, nigga, I ain’t never slime
Throw an opp off the backboard, slam him like LeBron
Catch the sack, I can run it back like I’m Primetime
Hard Body, gang on my back, I’m the franchise

They couldn’t stop the rain, they got baptized
Nigga, I got mob ties, Porsche got the frog eyes
They walk me and Ju to VIP and you still stand in line
Man, I got fifty fuckin’ thousand on both of my thighs

I snuck the four-five in, they like, “How it get inside?”
FN, 40 Glocks, we ain’t doin’ no more nines
Close that fuckin’ door, all these straps, we got all kinds
I got Mexicans and Black ambitions, you can pick a kind (Pick one)

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Song: Take Off
Artist: G.T. Ft. Ju Cash
Album: Owe It To Myself (2023)
Music: Rush Murda

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