ten feet tall Lyrics by Yorke, from the album “ten feet tall – EP“.

ten feet tall Lyrics

Call the doctor
I think that I’m going under
The friends in my mind
Seem to want to stick around tonight
For the first time

I’m running empty
You can’t wake me up from this bad dream
When you’re beside me
I feel so ashamed when I can’t breathe
For the first time
It’s all dark in the daylight

I’m so distracted
This night was meant to be romantic
You didn’t see me panic
I dig my nails into my hands
And I try to act fine

And I don’t know how I can win
When everything’s below the skin
And I wish I could let you in
But I’m not sure where to begin
When you ask why
I’m so tired of being tongue-tied

Maybе I deserve it all
My back’s against thе wall
It’d be a burden if I called
So baby, don’t want you to worry
I’ll just keep on saying sorry
If I let you see me fall
I’ll get back up and I’ll pretend I’m ten feet tall

And baby, I don’t want you to worry
If I keep on saying sorry
When I get too much to hold
I’ll drop your hands and I’ll pretend I’m ten feet tall


Song: ​ten feet tall
Album: ten feet tall – EP (2022)
Singer: Yorke

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