The Couple Across The Way Lyrics by Fontaines D.C., from the album “Skinty Fia“, latest song 2022, music has been produced by Fontaines D.C., and The Couple Across The Way song lrics are penned down by Fontaines D.C..

The Couple Across The Way Lyrics

Babe, it feels like it’s all happened
Twenty-three years of the same
And I’m sorry ’bout this morning
For the damage I will pay

All the mirrors face the walls and
I wake just to long for bed
Love what’s got you so down low?
The saddest tongue is in your head

I forget the thrill of lies
The truth escaping through the eyes, now
You use voices on the phone
That once were spent on me

The world has changed beyond our doorstep
Peoplе talk and dress so strange
I don’t know a neighbour’s namе
And all of life is rearranged

Nice to know that you’re still caring
Well enough to raise your voice
But if we must bring up the past then
Please don’t speak to me of choice

Across the way moved in a pair
With passion in its prime
Maybe they look through to us
And hope that’s them in time


Song: The Couple Across The Way
Singer: Fontaines D.C.
Music: Fontaines D.C.
Lyrics: Fontaines D.C.

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