The Doldrums Lyrics by Caroline Rose, from the album “The Art of Forgetting“, music has been produced by Caroline Rose, and The Doldrums song lyrics are penned down by Caroline Rose.

The Doldrums Lyrics

In a dream
There’s someone I hate
A smile creeps across my face as they burn there at the stake
Their hands are bound
They’re crying out
But then I jolt awake with sweat pooled at my brow

If that was me then
Then who am I now?

I can’t erase the past
And I won’t close my eyes
All I ask is silence from the noise inside my mind
There comes a time
In every life
When you have to question what it means to be alive

If that was me then
Then who am I now?


Song: The Doldrums
Artist: Caroline Rose
Album: The Art of Forgetting (2023)
Music: Caroline Rose
Lyrics: Caroline Rose

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