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The F Word Lyrics by GRIP Ft. WARA, from the album “5 & A F*** You“, music has been produced by Latrell James & Lilah Boyd, and The F Word song lyrics are penned down by GRIP, Latrell James, Lilah Boyd & WARA.

The F Word Lyrics

Jumped off the porch and in a sense my innocence was murdered
The Fuck I look like skimming penny pitchin flipping burgers
Need lemo tints and rims that sit up pretty on da Chevy
Extended clips for ill intent you ready? I’m ready
Just me against the world n bitch I’m goin out bussin
It’s free yam til they free my muthafuckin Cousin
System been corrupt
Jesus if a pussy nigga try me ima send up
Semi tucked
Mama said do you not give a fuck

Fuck (repeats)
As the world turns the hustlers gon earn
The weak become prey the weed is gon burn
You cannot teach the things you don’t learn
The preacher gon preach
You breach or stand firm

So now a Nigga older and I’m hardly ever sober
A chip atop my shoulder
My heart kept getting colder
I paid my fuckin dues and now I’m sittin on the totem
Got bitches on my scrotum
Can’t nobody control him
I’m paranoid as fuck! I think these niggas tryna end me
So fuck if you offended if I don’t come off as friendly
Don’t ask me if I like what such and such did on a beat
My homie died the other week
Nigga do u really think
I give a Fuck

Bitches on my line I ain’t got the time
We getting money now yea I’m doin fine
It’s a world tour oh we atcha door
Swear it’s never enough tell gimme more


Song: The F Word
Album: 5 & A F*** You (2022)
Singer: GRIP Ft. WARA
Music: Latrell James & Lilah Boyd
Lyrics: GRIP, Latrell James, Lilah Boyd & WARA

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