Time Kills (Love Birds) Lyrics by Rod Wave, from the album “Beautiful Mind“, music has been produced by Tre Gilliam, John Lam, ​lvl35dav, Aldaz & DJ Fizzum Fade, and Time Kills (Love Birds) song lyrics are penned down by Rod Wave, DJ Fizzum Fade, Tre Gilliam, John Lam & ​lvl35dav.

Time Kills (Love Birds) Lyrics

(Tre made this beat)
(Ayy, pull up, Lam)

Lookin’ for some happiness again, again, fame changed everything
Starin’ at the walls in the dark, no, I don’t sleep late at night
My new hood ain’t like my old hood, but I still sleep with my fire
I don’t get no sleep, I have nightmares of them takin’ my life
Sometimes, I sit and remember
But my life was never simple
Do you remember 2014, when I was fourteen?
Locked up for lettin’ that .44 sing, how you don’t know me?
Break in your shit like I’m a dope fiend, duckin’ the police
I had real kick-in-door dreams, this rap shit chose me
And I’m forever grateful, this shit changed my life
But so much came with this shit, I feel it can’t be right
I’m always busy, always workin’ how I’m ‘posed to
Always keep my distance these days, can’t be too social
I don’t dot the door without my fire ’cause this shit dangerous
I don’t want no bitch off IG live, she wanna be famous
How the f*ck we went from love birds to strangers? Uh
Tell me how that work, girl? How’s it feel to be my worst girl?
It’s okay ’cause I know it get worse, girl
And dear, my soulmate, I know it’s late to make amends, I
I guess it’s safe to say that that’s what time did
I tried to fix it, you were busy listenin’ to your friends
Too famous to find love again
They say love hurts, ’cause love hurts, uh
Fame made love worse, yeah-yeah
They say time heals ’cause time heals
What about all the shit time killed?
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah
Woah-woah, woah-woah
Woah-woah, yeah


Song: Time Kills (Love Birds)
Artist: Rod Wave
Album: Beautiful Mind (2022)
Music: Tre Gilliam, John Lam, ​lvl35dav, Aldaz & DJ Fizzum Fade
Lyrics: Rod Wave, DJ Fizzum Fade, Tre Gilliam, John Lam & ​lvl35dav

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