Tire iron Lyrics by Maria BC, from the album “Spike Field“, music has been produced by Maria BC, and Tire iron song lyrics are penned down by Maria BC.

Tire iron Lyrics

Caught outnumbered, this time
I won’t go so easy though

Glistening tire iron
He pulls me in, so I’ll show him

Opal earth, hmm
Midnight murmur, hmm
Leaves of bone, hunger

Taxidermy of better times
We drag them out, nail them down

Glistening tire iron
I won’t let go so easy, no

Opal trail, hmm
Midnight flailing, hmm
Seeds of hel, sprouted
Leaves of bone, silken


Song: Tire iron
Artist: Maria BC
Album: Spike Field (2023)
Music: Maria BC
Lyrics: Maria BC

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