Tombstone Lyrics by Cae Cartier, music has been produced by 5AM Digital & LJS, and Tombstone song lyrics are penned down by Cae Cartier, 5AM Digital & LJS.

Tombstone Lyrics

(Ivan, this one going global)
(LJS on the beat)

Look, man, don’t get this misconstrued, bruh, this shit is not a diss
This a message to my opps because y’all clearly ain’t on shit
From this point on, we ain’t got no smoke, I’m just gon’ take ya bitch
Then send her back and then she gon’ tell you how I’m ready to send a blitz
Ni**as talking ’bout a diss song
Bitch, when you die, your tombstone gettin’ pissed on
Ni**a stole from me, don’t kill him, just make sure his wrist gone
She took my love for granted, should’ve never gave that bitch stones (Never)
Middle fingеr with the five, but you ain’t nevеr from that six zone
He in a fish bowl, finna be shit face ’cause Caleb want his shit blown (Haha, fah)
You don’t like me and I don’t like you and I bet it’s known
Let ni**as so somethin’, we been at each other this long
They tryna black ball me about the industry
The same ni**as I signed to act like they don’t f*ck with me
I’m tryna see what he wanna do and what he want with me
Stop worrying ’bout what I’m gon’ do, how ’bout you come and see
I tell you now I ain’t yo’ twin, don’t never call me that
I hit her once, then send her home, I ain’t never calling back
Rico told me, “Cae, chill out”, it’s too late for all of that
It’s too late, I’m ridin’ with this ji**a, got thirty in my lap (Go)
I’m tryna bend it over, buss it, baby, f*ck me like you love me
Tryna run a couple million up before this shit get ugly
Tryna go, I let my ceiling up, they say the reaper coming
Man, this shit feel like a jungle, tryna keep from going under
King vamp, I don’t come out in the day time
The only time we gon’ connect is through a FaceTime
I’m taking over, this shit mines and I can’t waste time
Still seeing money in my sleep, I guess I’m fake blind, bitch (Bitch)


Song: Tombstone
Artist: Cae Cartier
Music: 5AM Digital & LJS
Lyrics: Cae Cartier, 5AM Digital & LJS

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