Tools Of The Game (Interlude) Lyrics by Larry June Ft. Wallo267, and From the Album “Spaceships On The Blade“, Music has been produced by Teeko (producer), and Tools Of The Game (Interlude) song lyrics are penned down by Wallo267, Larry June & Teeko (producer).

Tools Of The Game (Interlude) Lyrics

Spaceships on the Blade man
I’m talkin’ bout man the scene was unimaginable man
You had to be there to see this shit to understand it to truly believe it man
We gon’ do our best
To try to decorate your mind
With some extraordinary shit man
It was like the Miss America mixed with the Olympics
It was trackstars everywhere
I’m talkin’ bout Gold medalists
You just had to see the spaceships man
At one moment I thought I was in Mars somewhere I didn’t
I thought I was in outer space
I didn’t even know wherе I was at
It just was like out of no where man
Larry man
Hе got up out of a spaceship man and it was just like
He had his wrist decorated in a manner like
You probably never witnessed before
I’m talkin’ bout it was unimaginable man
I’m just telling you man
When he got up man, you know
He got up out of that machinery and it was like
All the trackstars just like
They was all over him man
I’m talkin bout man it was like he was the last nigga on Earth
Aw man they gonna be talkin’ bout this for years man
Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like to welcome ya’ll to
Spaceships On The Blade…


Song: Tools Of The Game (Interlude)
Album: Spaceships On The Blade (2022)
Artist: Larry June Ft. Wallo267
Music: Teeko (producer)
Lyrics: Wallo267, Larry June & Teeko (producer)

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