Top Tier Lyrics by STRAPPED! Ft. DC2Trill & Stunna Cold, from the album “Stay Strapped, Vol. 3“, and Top Tier song lyrics are penned down by DC2Trill & Stunna Cold.

Top Tier Lyrics

Yeah, brrr
Fatal zip
Luxebwoys Platinum Bwoys
You know how I’m rocking man
Zero Degrees
Zip, yeah uh yeah fatal
Been next nigga already know I’m up next nigga
Nigga already know I’m top tier man
I ain’t going nowhere
On God

I said I’m traumatized I seen too much
Can’t trust too many niggas
I’m traumatized I seen too much
I finger fuck the trigger
You say some shit to trigger me
Best believe I get with ya
P.I.M.P, fuck your mama and your sister
Far from minor league
Bitch I’m him, I’m that mister
Miss me with that shit like your aim off
Loyalty, ain’t backstabbing my niggas just to get across
Niggas crossed Jesus, let me know that their be fakes
I can make a hunnid off top turn into a boss
Make a hundrеd hits non-stop, turn into a star
Nigga I be styling with the smoove finеsse
I got your bitch impressed
Sorry that’s your X
I’m in her box cause me and her connect
Counting dead faces
Pray to God they do not ressurect
Had to change my route to see the cash
I had to redirect
I was applying pressure
You ain’t want me
Now you want a text
Got a new bop and new drop
On to the next (nigga)
Follow protocols follow codes boy
Feet planted on this earth stay ten toes boy
Tryna climb the ranks and break the bank like my name Lloyd
If it ain’t about the cash bitch than it’s null or void
Tryna count enough to feed the fam so we can count nonstop
I can never flop from the bottom to the top
I can never stop give this shit all I got nigga

Pocket filled up with knots, nigga
I got the green in between and get the twat, nigga
Choppa bullets bad for you
Leave you botched, nigga
Turn a mansion to the trap it got an elevator
These niggas squares, bad denominators
I’m too clean plus I’m sharper than the sharpest razor
Wock six, pour me up
Black trucks, purple stuff
Brown bitch, Smart House
All I pour is dark now
We can’t see them when they merging we in another lane
Double R swerving they move the cones for gang
Lil Moe with the woods but they barely tame
Pulled up like Suge, nigga we need everything


Song: Top Tier
Artist: STRAPPED! Ft. DC2Trill & Stunna Cold
Album: Stay Strapped, Vol. 3 (2023)
Lyrics: DC2Trill & Stunna Cold

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