Trenches Lyrics by OsamaSon, music has been produced by LEGION, and Trenches song lyrics are penned down by OsamaSon.

Trenches Lyrics

Bad bitch look good
I was in the A just shoppin’ at Lenox
Got a few hoes tryna see a foreign whip
Chrome hearts sleeve and an AMG whip
Pullin’ up in a four-door, lookin’ like a lick
All that X, get ya whole team lit
Bro ho coming for that bitch
Drac’ and racks, yea I did that shit
Four by four and I split a whole sixth
In that penthouse kicking shit
Been for the racks, I was built for this
Ho gon’ come and f*ck on a ni**a
I was jus’ thinkin’ with lil’ P and them
And they actin’ like your racks got bigger
I don’t give a f*ck ‘cause I know I’m that ni**a
AMG truck pushin’ up in that field
I don’t see shit, ‘cause ni**a, I don’t care
Might hit that lick and look at my neck
I flip that bread then i think about act
Might jus’ check in when shit not fair
I was with my slime geeked up, oh yeah
We got money, ho’s clothes everywhere
We got X percs in that zip
Free my shooter, he ain’t got no bail
I’m with Stef kickin shit, NFL
He ain’t know how to drive that shit, I can tell
Flex on a bitch, how you did that there?
F and N, had you screamin’ for help
Me and my twin locked in, doin’ dope
And my demon came straight from hell
Bitch, my girl’s cup is straight mud
See a lil’ drop, I’ma shoot that up
Twin just scored, now a ni**a geeked up
Buy the whole store, lil’ ni**a, shut up
Expensive Restaurants, ni**a, like yeah
Send that blitz, we gon’ shoot that up
Bee, bee, bee, what?
Lil’ ten ten, you can test your luck
When the f*ck these ni**as gon’ free SEX?
I came back, finna to buy a new vet
Did a lil’ show now I need a lil’ check
Off of that X, bootin’ up like jet
Ho’ said she f*ck with the “FLEX”
Ho threw it back, and I’m like, “Yes”
f*ck the lil’ Glock, ‘cause I got this TEC
f*ck your vest, ‘cause I want your head
Catch me pushin’ that bitch like a ‘cat
f*cked up Neimans, I’m in Saks
Hit New York and I’m droppin’ that sack
Go back home, and I’m back in the trap
Hit Baby Chop for the chop’, no cap
X with the S, I do that, bap
Came from the trenches, we don’t rap
Came from the trenches, we get plaques
Bee, bee


Song: Trenches
Artist: OsamaSon
Lyrics: OsamaSon

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