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Turn Around Lyrics by Dayglow, from the album “People In Motion“, music has been produced by Dayglow, and Turn Around song lyrics are penned down by Dayglow.

Turn Around Lyrics

Uh, feels like it hit me on the head
But saw it from a mile away
It’s probably time I let it in
Been feeling this a while, this way

When everything is always something to me
I can’t seem to turn around

Turn around
Turn around
Turn around

I can’t recall what you said
But it was kind of heavy, oh no
Yeah, it was close along the lines of
“You can’t be ready, so let it go”

Yeah, everything is never slowing down
I can’t find time to turn around

I can’t turn around
Turn around
Turn around
Oh, yeah

I sure could use some sleep
But I’m still working in my dreams
I keep on, keep on
Turning around

Turn around
Turn around
Turn around

It’s time to do this, time I prove this
Time I make this shot for me
I’ll find the answer, only dancing
Find myself at twenty-three
It’s time I move this, time I’m through this
All this weight that’s down on me
I’ll make some progress, being honest
Make this weight a memory

Turn around
Turn around
Turn around
And turn around


Song: Turn Around
Artist: Dayglow
Album: People In Motion (2022)
Music: Dayglow
Lyrics: Dayglow

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