U didn’t want to Lyrics by M.A.E.M.D, from the album “Crazy“, music has been produced by M.A.E.M.D, and U didn’t want to song lyrics are penned down by M.A.E.M.D.

U didn’t want to Lyrics

Woke up and started actin crazy
Didn’t know what was happening to me
People told to just calm down and everything will be okay
But do you got any better advice or something else to say
To make it change

I’m scared of what’s happening
Cuz something is changin
And I don’t understand why I have to feel like this
Yeah this is gonna be a memory that I won’t ever miss

Cuz it’s been a bad day
And that’s all I got to say
Got no more words left on my tongue
Got no more words left that I haven’t sung
So get out of my way
Cuz u acting cray-zay
And I’m not saying that u did something wrong
Just saying that u didn’t sing a song
U didn’t want to


Song: U didn’t want to
Artist: M.A.E.M.D
Album: Crazy (2023)
Music: M.A.E.M.D
Lyrics: M.A.E.M.D

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