Waste It All on You Lyrics by Flawes, from the album “One Step Back, Two Steps Forward“.

Waste It All on You Lyrics

I shouldn’t need reminding every second with you is borrowed
But now and then it’s like my heart goes on auto pilot trying to tear me from you
I can hardly think about the time that I almost lost you
Said I’d give anything up at any cost for one more microwave popcorn with you

Why do the darkest nights light fires in our eyes

Can we get closer
Even closer than we’ve ever been naked
So when it’s all over
There’s no way in hell that we’d ever change it
The sand is slipping through the hour glass
And there’s no way we’ll ever get it back
So all I know is, all the time I had will never be wasted
If I waste it all on you

Every time we’re locking eyes I feel a wave of emotion
Like I’m a million miles deep in your ocean, but I’m barely scratching the surface of you

Life gets in the way of the way I want to tell you all the time that it’s always been you
I don’t mean to make the same mistake again and do you so wrong


Song: Waste It All on You
Artist: Flawes
Album: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward (2023)

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