Wednesday Overcast Lyrics by King Krule, from the album “Space Heavy“, music has been produced by Archy Marshall, and Wednesday Overcast song lyrics are penned down by Archy Marshall.

Wednesday Overcast Lyrics

I heard you were back in the country
Looking for me
And that your heart was broken
And your head was clean
Down here on the carpet
Stale smoke and rich dreams
And motel [?]
And empty stomach of weed
And left me in outer space
Reasons for your need
St-stuck here [?]
No peace
A train to the coast
Four hours once a week
And the pub corner surrounded by creeps
They spoke in the violence and racist beliefs
And old red bricks and ten cups of tea
And this place was forgotten from history
I lay in silence before we arranged to meet


Song: Wednesday Overcast
Artist: King Krule
Album: Space Heavy (2023)
Music: Archy Marshall
Lyrics: Archy Marshall

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