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Welcome Back, O’ Sleeping Dreamer Lyrics by Lorna Shore, from the album “Pain Remains“, music has been produced by Josh Schroeder.

Welcome Back, O’ Sleeping Dreamer Lyrics

Take hold design this world wake up

Free fall unto this amalgamation
Freed from the tether of the cursed flesh
Enter a dominion of inquiry

Embellish the continuum condition, toe the line
Awaken from mortality the sleeper inside

You fell far from grace take hold of the
Dreamscape misplaced within the emotion
A parallel shift a world in slow motion
Fall now in place this world will never be
Face to face with death and life relative to the eye
This is the world inside your mind

Illusions of realms disguised smoke and mirrors
Tuning the inner eye the link the infinite lies within
The dreamscape open your mind let it consume
Your flesh dissolve within the infinite the future
Belongs to those who believe in the beauty of all
Their nightmares

Face your duality let go and fall into a dream
Celestial manifestations sensate within your line
Welcome a new god; the unconscious prime – Transcending

Witness a world forever changing where restless
Mind idles in creation don’t look back don’t turn
Away embrace your new reality and feel the
World slow down

Frozen in a world in slow motion memories twist
Into anonymity cloaked familiarity as the dream
Begins taking shape into metaphysical delineation
Within fall into a dream

Welcome this blessing and fall into lucidity
Like clay in the mud sculpting the plunge
Embracing the world and becoming the one
The architect – benevolent accepting the material
World as enslavement a fetter – a servant but
Here in this place you are attunement
Welcome back, O’ sleeping dreamer, embrace the fall


Song: Welcome Back, O’ Sleeping Dreamer
Artist: Lorna Shore
Album: Pain Remains (2022)
Music: Josh Schroeder

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