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Weltschmerz Lyrics by Okay Kaya Ft. zannie, from the album “SAP“, music has been produced by Okay Kaya, and Weltschmerz song lyrics are penned down by Okay Kaya.

Weltschmerz Lyrics

And do I curse the moon
Or the sun not coming out?
And can I blame it onto others
Or put the burden on myself?
Am I dimmer than the future?
Future so shy, future not earned
Die Zukunft ist die Nächsten
Five, four, three, two, hot girl shit first

Here it comes briefly
Put goggles on
The heart wants what it wants
And it wants some
(Some, give me some)
(Come on, give me some)
(Come on, give me some)
(Come on, come on, come on)
(Comе on, give me some)
(Comе on, come on, come on)
(Come on, give me some)

Give me some, give me some
Give me some

Fairy blood sugar
My limbs are tingly
I try to get up
I try and stand up
But I’m faint and I’m laying here
Like a painting of a girl with tuberculosis
(Romanticise that, huh)

(That was witchy)


Song: Weltschmerz
Album: SAP (2022)
Singer: Okay Kaya Ft. zannie
Music: Okay Kaya
Lyrics: Okay Kaya

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