WFLD 32 Lyrics by Open Mike Eagle Ft. Eshu Tune, Video Dave & Still Rift, from the album “another triumph of ghetto engineering“, music has been produced by Kenny Segal, and WFLD 32 song lyrics are penned down by Kenny Segal & Open Mike Eagle.

WFLD 32 Lyrics

Blah blah blah
One two one two blah
Blah blah blah, Blah blah blah
Check one, yo

Friday’s got the bread but Thursday’s got the energy
Particles move shit but waves got the energy
Pinky can get it cracking but Brain’s got the memory
(One two, one two)
Friday’s got the bread but Thursday’s got the energy

I’m hating them turns in Laurel Canyon
I’m stranded, which side is I’m on
Susan Sarandon is candid
These brothers talk shit then they abandon, it’s rancid
And I’m still trying to get paid like Ed O’Bannon
You would think that they fired me from a cannon
I did the Triple Lindy then I landеd
I started rocking simply then expandеd
This execution’s iffy but I planned it
I protect it if it gives me an advantage
Still want to be the greatest MC on the planet

Yeah, ’cause I’m immature
If I can name my own sicknesses then it’s cured
I’m finished at high 90-percentage pure
COVID making it impossible to finish tour

Rocket League addiction, need a brand new engine
Team player, gotta perfect my speed boost, flip or stay now
Move later, jump back into the river
After making a whole big deal ’bout not swimming
My folks from the ‘Sip like K.R.I.T
Memories of our solar summers from when I was a kid
Might cop some land out there just to chase the feeling again
Caught on the hook, fill up the cooler with catfish
Proceed to grill ’em with kin

Now slow this beat to BPM twenty-four-a
Grind my teeth down ’til the nerves are showing
Use to rap gibberish with Explora Dora
At Grog Shop, Cleveland hope was [?]
Spongebob in Miami, Knitting Factory had Alvin
All the shows had energy, sound quality was ragged
Used to shoplift belts from Morrisville’s TJ Max
That’s a filler bar, yeah, there’s the end of my rap
Eshu Tune

Friday’s got the bread but Thursday’s got the energy
Particles move shit but waves got the energy
Pinky can get it cracking but Brain’s got the memory
Friday’s got the bread but Thursday’s got the energy

My grudge is generational curse
Swear on the books we bound
My people generational first
Ring like the hooks we found ourselves
Repeating ourselves, repeating ourselves, repeating points
Straight lines curve directly to hell
And back with gasoline drawls my flaws are focused fact for principle
My interest grows like giants from the miniscule
Group think to individual
I’m caught inside like prizes in the cereal
If Mikey likes it, life is immaterial
The cloth we’re cut from tailors to the criminal
Smoother than the operator
Hater from the genesis of Genesis, what I can’t dance
Who takes me home at the end of this, a fire starter
Carrie holds the torch ’cause she’s my daughter
(Ahuh, ay)

I’m more official than a whistle-blow
I tore a tissue with my grizzled nose
Ignore the misuse of my little home
A clean place to sleep and shit and store my brittle bones (Ay)
I seen Hakeem do the Dream Shake
I seen Raheem make the mistake of trusting Bishop
I seen that Bishop had two pistols in his waistline
Continuity mistakes make my brain go haywire
Hey, I’m trying to concentrate
My J, sincerely like to thank you
Do therapists really say ‘hey now that’s a breakthrough’
Or is that just some TV shit
When I grow up I want to be the shit
Top cat close friends get to call him TC
Knock back a couple stems and watch some olden TV
Why are you grillin’ me, melting out the chill in me
Santa tried to plant a camera deep inside the chimney
But he ain’t realize Rudolph is a spy, Blitzen’s getting high
Smoking mistletoe
I’m more official than a whistle-blow


Song: WFLD 32
Artist: Open Mike Eagle Ft. Eshu Tune, Video Dave & Still Rift
Album: another triumph of ghetto engineering (2023)
Music: Kenny Segal
Lyrics: Kenny Segal & Open Mike Eagle

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