​Whatever I want* Lyrics by Yeat, Music has been produced by BNYX® & Yeat, and Whatever I want* song lyrics are penned down by BNYX® & Yeat.

Whatever I want* Lyrics

… (What the fuck?)
I don’t know if you caught on (Caught on)
I don’t be giving no fuck (Yeah)
I say whatever I want (Yeah)
I do whatever I want (Huh)
I’m counting up money for fun
And I’m popping these Percs just for fun (The E)
All of my twizz got a gun (Bah)
Couple of my twizz on the run (Phew)
Couple of my twizz sellin’ Runtz (The E)
Couple of my twizz cut ‘em off (The E)
Yeah, couple of my twizz sell a bunch
Hid your money, I take like it’s lunch (Ha)
We on the side where we punt
Bitch, I sleep in the day, I don’t see sun (Huh-huh, hey)
Big body Lamb’ truck sitting outside in the sun, they get you caught up, get you friеd
If you…


Song: Whatever I want*
Artist: Yeat
Music: BNYX® & Yeat
Lyrics: ​BNYX® & Yeat

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