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Where’s My Sunshine? Lyrics by DRAM, from the album “What Had Happened Was…“, music has been produced by Spiff, Poseidon, THE STARTING 5IVE & DRAM, and Where’s My Sunshine? song lyrics are penned down by DRAM.

Where’s My Sunshine? Lyrics

How did I end up here?
Where, where did all my sunshine go?
I used to be so fuckin’ happy
You hear me? You, yeah
We used to be happy
We did things that other people didn’t see and approve
I don’t know even when I do that now, it’s just not, it’s not the same
You’re not the same and I’m not the same
And I’m, I’m just tryna figure out how the fuck I can get back
And you won’t help me


Song: Where’s My Sunshine?
Album: What Had Happened Was… (2022)
Singer: DRAM
Music: Spiff, Poseidon, THE STARTING 5IVE & DRAM
Lyrics: DRAM

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