Will Be King Lyrics by Toosii, from the album “NAUJOUR“, music has been produced by Ascension, Bossman & ZS Beats, and Will Be King song lyrics are penned down by Toosii.

Will Be King Lyrics

You know me I always been one of them niggas who wanted my mom and my dad to be there this whole bad, you know?
But things just ain’t work out that way
Even tho it ain’t work out like that, like
I love my dad, you know, more than he know
I done really laid them bushes with my dad
You know, I do the same thing for my son
My son ain’t gotta be no gangsta, tho
He ain’t gotta be
He can be whatever he want to be, you know?

Yeah, rich nigga, made it out of poverty
Yeah, I did everything I had to do, got where I gotta be
I don’t ever force shit, no one’s stoppin’ mе
Got a whole lot of Glock’s, AR’s and .762 shots with me
I’m feelin’ kinda dangerous, don’t you tamе me, my nigga
Feel it in my soul, I’m gon’ be the worlds greatest, my nigga
Like one them ball playing niggas, nigga I let a hustle
You can go and ask my family, bitch I got it off the muscle
From me [?]
He used to scuffle or [?] park I used to flip for dollars, I still got it in my duffle
Why let a bag of chips, sour cream laced ruffle
Just ’cause I say I love you, I don’t trust you
Yeah, I done seen kings die at the throne
I done seen niggas come and try to break inside my home
I done been shot at just for puttin’ names in sum songs
But best believe when we caught that nigga, we did him wrong
This some real life shit, get your real life hit
I don’t need no gold digger, need a real life bitch
I don’t tote no airsoft, I keep a real life stick
And nigga I ain’t no girl, I be stayin’ out the mix

Will be king, uh
I hit my niece, bow to the Lord ask for forgiveness
I done did bad things, ay
Nobody perfect but I know the Lord been watchin’ me

Like a spin a block and hit a nigga knock his dreads off
[?], we blitzin’ shit like we Red Dogs
Glock .45, I’ma give it to my security
Just pass me that AK and I send a nigga respects, be
My son gotta eat, baby mama want that Benz
Mama want her a new crib so it’s time to move her again
I say fuck it bitch it’s nothing, I got racks in the safe
But if it all go downhill she workin’ back at Sweepstakes

Will be king, uh
I hit my niece, bow to the Lord ask for forgiveness
I done did bad things, ay
Nobody perfect but I know the Lord been watchin’ me

Toosii you recordin’ that high?
Bro, look that shit don’t matter
Fuck all that other shit, this what I’m tryna tell you
What you going through right now ain’t bigger than what you about to overc—
Like it’s not bigger than what you about to receive, bro
You think that what you going through right now is something
That shit is petty
Fuck that shit, ’cause guess what?
Somebody done been in your same shoes
I know that’s what I’m sayin’
So choke somebody man
So look this what I’m tellin’ you tho
What you gon’ do?
Sit around and complain about it all day or you gon’ do something to make it better?


Song: Will Be King
Artist: Toosii
Album: NAUJOUR (2023)
Music: Ascension, Bossman & ZS Beats
Lyrics: Toosii

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