WW4 Lyrics by Machine Gun Kelly, latest English song 2022, music has been given by Dark Waves & Travis Barker, and WW4 song lyrics are penned by Dark Waves, Travis Barker & Machine Gun Kelly.

WW4 Lyrics

The zombie apocalypse is not too far away
I think I wrote, but it’s real
When I’m kind of afraid to say
Any thoughts in my mind, they wanna monitor us
Let’s go and find the mainframe and pull the monitor off
I hear too many interviews from these artists in the news
Speaking on my name, so this is what we’re gonna do
I got ten fingers, just two, both hands, f–k you
Ten toes, black boots, stomp the sh!T outta you

Okay, here’s some rules:
Your teachers are full of sh!T
You don’t need to go to school
Life’s gonna kick your a$$ anyways

Hold me under
This frozen ice you call your heart
There’s lightning and thunder
The armageddon’s about to start
It’s world war 4
It’s world war 4

Okay, this was gonna be a song on the album
But I can’t sing anything right now
So this is the song, hahaha


Song: WW4
Singer: Machine Gun Kelly
Music: Dark Waves & Travis Barker
Lyrics: Dark Waves, Travis Barker & Machine Gun Kelly

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