Yap Yap Lyrics by GetRichZay, from the album “Ard Come On“, music has been produced by Flippluvmoney, and yap yap song lyrics are penned down by GetRichZay.

Yap Yap Lyrics

Yeah (Uh)

Uh, I ain’t with none of that fuck shit (None of that, phew)
Pull up, hop out, switch bust shit (Uh-uh, fft, six)
Yeah, pull up hittin’ that fire (That fire)
I’m tryna hop out, walk down punchin’ (Walk down)
Niggas done pulled up shootin’ at the sky (Shootin’ at the sky)
What the fuck y’all shootin’ at? Y’all ain’t tryna touch shit (What the fuck?)
I put a scope on a chop for some accuracy (Scope on a chop)
I’m tryna hop in the car and go touch shit (Hop out, yeah)
I’m tryna hop in the car and go get ’em (You know it)
And kill everybody he run with (Kill, he run with)
Yeah, soon as he walk in the club, catch a faceshot (Faceshot, faceshot)
Smoke everybody he come with (Aight, come on, faceshot)
Young nigga switch off the crowd with no mask on (Six)
He bound to crash on some dumb shit (Who that? Aight, come on)
Shе suck my dick on the first night (First night)
Think I’ma cuff this ho on some dumb shit (Dumb shit)
Tried to run gang, I hit his facе with the chop (Run gang)
Had to show the fuck niggas I’m the wrong one to play with (Show ’em, wrong one to play)
Uh, got these opp niggas duckin’ they head (Opp niggas duckin’ they head)
Got ’em runnin’ around when the big boy came here (Big boy)
We in the highway doin’ two-twenty in the Redeye (Two-twenty)
I dear a nigga to race it (Aight, come on)
Nah, we in the high way doin’ two-twenty in the Redeye (Two)
I dear a cracker to chase it (Aight, come on)
Ayy, one night only, I had to go (One night)
I got bored, the bitch too basic (Bye-bye, aight, come on)
Nigga don’t know (No), we got his lo’ (His lo’)
My shooters gon’ step like a pair of Asics (Let’s go, aight, come on)
We send shot (Shot, fft)
Nigga better hope he can duck these shells just like he played on the Matrix (Shells, get that switch, aight, come on)
We get in the block (Block), we spin around (What else?)
Spin again ’til we hop out, catch somethin’, face it (Uh, go get it, aight, come on)
I’m in the stu’ (Stu’), I got a chopper on me (Chop)
And I’m geeked up, feelin’ amazin’ (Geeked up, feelin’ amazin’, aight, come on)
All these bands a nigga made off rap (Rap)
Swear these hoes be thinkin’ I made it (Hoes be thinkin’ I, aight, come on)
I get your bitch down ’til she collapse
She keep tellin’ her friend I’m famous (She keep tellin’ her friend, aight, come on)
I can’t have no fuck shit around me (Uh-uh)
I be feelin’ like it’s contagious (Aight, come on)
I see a damn nigga hop in this car (In this car)
Nigga gon’ sing just like fantasia (This nigga gon’ sing, aight, come on)
Young nigga shoot like he play for the Blazers (Play for the Blazers, aight, co—)
Uppin’ the score like he play for the Lakers (Aight, come on)
Know I’m a slime, I don’t fuck with nobody (I don’t fuck with nobody)
And still’ll have my young niggas take it (Take it, aight, come on)
Take that shit back, hold this chopper with two hands (Chopper, chopper)
I ain’t like the way you started shakin’ (Aight, come on)
Kick door, have everybody in the house tied up
Put ’em back of the basement (Back of the basement, aight, come on)
Me and my young niggas keep ridin’ with them cutters (Keep ridin’)
Just like Freddy and Jason (Just like Freddy and Jason, aight, come on)
We catch an opp (Opp), we cut his head off (Uh)
Nigga gon’ treat me like we work with the Haitian (Like we work with, aight, come on)
We tryna turn nigga to a new pack (New pack)
He done looked up, he got turned to a pacient (Aight, come on)
Nigga, stop cappin’, you ain’t caught no hat (That’s cap)
I don’t even know why these niggas keep fakin’ (I don’t know why these niggas keep, aight, come on)

All that cap (All that cap), all that yap (Yap, yap, yap)
All that talkin’, nigga start fakin’ (Uh, them niggas start—)
All that cap, yap-yap (Yap, yap, yap, yap)
And all that talkin’, niggas be fakin’ (Ayy, niggas be fakin’)


Song: Yap Yap
Album: Ard Come On (2022)
Singer: GetRichZay
Music: Flippluvmoney
Lyrics: GetRichZay

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