The lyrics are from the song “Last Flight” by SheedTs. In the song, the artist talks about the challenges and struggles in a relationship. He mentions that life can be tough sometimes, but he wants to change his girl’s perspective and assure her that he’s genuine on the inside.

The lyrics also touch on the difficulties of dealing with trust issues in a relationship. The artist expresses concerns about someone messing with his emotions and affecting his well-being. There’s a realization that giving love to someone might not always turn out the way one expects, as seen in the lines about rolling the dice and feeling like he was “tweaking.”

There’s a theme of self-discovery and independence, with the artist emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself. He acknowledges that he thought he found love, but instead, he found his own identity. The phrase “It’s just me and me” suggests a focus on self-reliance and self-love.

The artist also talks about the pressures and choices he faces, listening to the voices inside his head. The reference to “Joyces” and “Rolls-Royces” may symbolize aspirations for success and wealth, possibly for the sake of those who are no longer around.

In the end, the repeated line “I’m only a phone call away” could indicate a willingness to be there for someone, emphasizing the importance of communication and support in relationships.

Overall, “Last Flight” explores themes of love, self-discovery, and the challenges of maintaining relationships amidst life’s struggles.

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