666 Lyrics by che, from the album “Crueger“, music has been produced by Natecxo & ​che, and 666 song lyrics are penned down by ​che & Natecxo.

666 Lyrics

Yeah, we just smoking on ops, put his ass in a vape
Yo’ bitch she standing on top with that ass in my face
He tryna run from them bullets, can’t run from that K’
She gon’ pull up, nigga run we gon’ shoot at his face
Bitch want my money, any statement gon’ move out the place
Boy I never fall from a far, never can’t
Glock out Guwap, fuck nigga my name is Che
You got yo’ dumbass bitch in my room, in yo’ place
Put some white in her smoke, yeah that bitch a best friend
Air out a once man, nigga so done, feel like Drake
This nigga hatin’, cus’ he not up in my place
I had a mention, made my body Harlem Shake
I keep em’ waiting I’ll never drop my tape
I own some bulldog’s, but they never in they cage
Fucking real shit, I got some money in my face
I get on Nate beats, cus’ I love the fucking bass
Put him in the lake, cus’ I’ll never leave a trace
I want my twin, that just on that straight shit
Shoot at yo’ bitch, he won’t have a ray
Don’t you relent, I shoot and not Mace
I smoke on 10s, dick all in they faces
I heard your man’s, got put in a ditch
Walk on my wrist, we in outer space
Ten times two, a nigga never liked a Jake
I’m in yo’ state farming bitches, nigga like I’m Jake
I’m in a sitcom, finna cop a Debbie Kay
Alot of shit gone, nigga shoot with double Drac’s
She finna’ bend over, then I put it in her face
If I put Cartier’s on, then how come I can Mick?
If Ion rock the Saint Peter, how can I be lit?
If I ain’t bussin’ a bitch, then how can she be lit?
Before I eat you know it’s always Assalamu Alaikum
24, 8, bitch I’m always ballin’ like a Laker
My life a movie but hell nah this ain’t got no ending
I love my mama but I ain’t tell her that I made it
I love these bitches, you see niggas they so based
I light his frontal up, and you don’t know I’m fixed it
I fucked this lil’ hoe up, think she was Jamaican
I make the Drac’ go vrr, where his body lay
Ion wear makeup, nah but I look amazing
All of these white diamonds, everybody think I’m racist
Gotta go raw, cus’ I’m making everybody fake
Put it on God, I’m in everybody fucking brain
I paint my nails, now everybody swear I’m gay
I told lil’ twin, let’s take it right back to the basics
Bullets say, “Haha young nigga did not kick”
You poppin’, I land, and I’m fucking on an eighth
My mom she hate me, I’m bad at communicating
You told her call some, you’ll always be a bitch
I told the crab fiends, “Uncle told me how to mix”
I told my main bitch, “Let’s go have a pleasure date”
I like a G-Shock, but I didn’t [?]
You so feline, how it feel to get cremate?
Bitch I’m my free time, I be boolin’ with yo’ bae
But in my street time, smoking with a non-fake
I need some me time, told this bitch, “I cannot fake”
I hit her three times, three times now she can’t even take it
Put this on rewind, [?]
I told Elon, bitch we finna make a spaceship


Song: 666
Artist: che
Album: Crueger (2023)
Music: Natecxo & ​che
Lyrics: ​che & Natecxo

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