Jugga Lyrics by che Ft. ​cayhate, from the album “Crueger“, music has been produced by Duwopxo, and Jugga song lyrics are penned down by ​che & ​cayhate.

Jugga Lyrics

Yea, yea

I wear designer
I want dat bitch, nigga, cuz she fine
I’m in this bih totin on the (yeah)
Her pussy torch, nigga, like it’s fire
My bitch don’t trust me ever, I’m a liar
I’m smokin gas, nigga, out the grinder
You like a fag, nigga, get off Grindr
Hoe, why you mad nigga?
Hoe, I’m like go get a band nigga
I’m in this bitch wit a baddie
I’m in this bitch wit a bag, nigga
And I talk shit, like a ass nigga
Bad ass bitch, but I think that I’ll pass nigga
I was juggin outta class nigga
Ten 5’s for these extended mags, nigga
10 times better than that last nigga
They said ten rhymes equal ten racks, nigga

Yeah, she know I’m a star, she lookin mе up
Bitch, I’m in the room and I’m cookin up
She wanna fuck, yeah wе hookin up
30 round Glocks, nigga, don’t run up
I treat yo main hoe like a slut
I’m finna fuck and delete her
I treat dat hoe like she dead, Aaliyah
Ran off on the plug on a re-up
Ion give a fuck, yeah, I’m breakin the meter
I’m the VA in the VA
I’m wit the lil hoe, I know she a cheapskate
I’m finna go and take dat hoe to cheesecake
I wanna fuck you, bitch, cuz you a ?

I’m finna spit on nigga like a BK
Hoe, I’m a boss ain’t no he say, she say
I’m hittin jugg’s on the muhfuckin freeway
Bad ass bitch, she was born on a leap day
I ? on the pack like I was Green Bay
She so in love wit cash, got hella green bae
I wanna touch pad, like a replay
I get you touched bad, like a DA
I’m in my duff bag any day
I’m fuckin bad hoes, yuh
You hella mad hoe, I know
? shit nigga, like I’m here
Bad ass bitch, listen ?
She wanna fuck wit me, cuz I got cash
I’m in this bitch and im boolin wit Kash

You ain’t gotta lie, hoe, ion give no fuck
These hoes too trife, I can’t give no love
We gon slide past, shoot it up
Hm, baby just grab the wheel
Yuh, I’m high as fuck, tryna crack the seal
Yeah she love my dreads, got sex appeal
G-19, keep dat shit concealed
Black Live’s Matter, go head take a kneel
Yeah, these niggas pussy, bitch they takin plea deals
I’m tryna catch me a hat
Bitch, I’m in the A, sippin DJ Phat
You smoking 35, three five
Bitch, I’m doin 500 every line
Sad for dat bitch on the decline
Tryna sell my soul cuz I’m on the rise now


Song: Jugga
Artist: che Ft. ​cayhate
Album: Crueger (2023)
Music: Duwopxo
Lyrics: ​che & ​cayhate

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