All Creep Lyrics by GetRichZay, From the Album “Pilot St – EP“, Music has been produced by Maineestreamm & Prod Yayo, and All Creep song lyrics are penned down by GetRichZay.

All Creep Lyrics

(And I got the Yayo)
Yeah, uh

I might pop out 7.62 or that .223 (Pop out, aight, come on)
Uh, uh, cap outside his spot, hope I don’t fall sleep (Aight, come on)
Get out my top (Get out my top), spend two K on shoes, you know this drip ain’t cheap (Gang)
Fell in love with that Drac’ (Drac’, choppa), that’s my bitch, she ain’t never cheat (Aight, come on)
Uh, clutch that fire when I’m in the field (Bust down), had to tie my cleat (Aight, come on)
Uh, all my niggas outside tryna catch a kill, bitch, we all creep (Aight, come on)
Know that 5.56 hold sixty shots, I don’t care if niggas deep (Aight, come on, phew)
I see niggas tryna post that shit and delete, must think I ain’t P (Aight, come on)
Hit that nigga, too bold (Bold), full of lemons, think this shit sweet
Yeah, Lil Tay pop out with that mop (Pop out, pop out), get your block sweeped (Aight, come on)
Take his top from off his shoulders (Shoulders), leave him by his feet (Aight, come on)
Hold that chop right on my shoulders, bitch got kick like feet (Aight, come on)
Yeah, I ain’t gotta talk, she know what’s up, she know I’m that nigga (Yeah, come on)
Keep it solid, we two deep, walk ’em down, me and my nigga (Walk down, aight, come on)
Cross ’em out, super slime, I got snake venom (Aight, come on)
And these shoes be two twenty-twos with Amiri denim (Aight, come on)
Hit they block, way that chop make a beat (Choppa), bitch hot like an instrumental (Bah, bah, aight, come on)
.45 Glock, he still doin’ his time, he sittin’ down in the kennel (Aight, come on)
Young rich shooter ridin’ with the bitch so bad, bitch look like Kylie Jenner (Aight, come on)
Get that money all year, that’s January to December (Gang, aight, come on)
Uh, uh, know I’m the king of the jungle, don’t play with this shit, bitch, I feel like Sam (Feel like— aight, come on)
Uh, nigga, don’t throw up the gang if you ain’t gang, you ain’t one of them members (Aight, come on)
All these rap-ass niggas be scared to come around, we snatchin’ pennies (Aight, come on)
Take him down for what he got, just me and bro, that’s how we split it (Aight, come on)
Safe to say everywhere I go gotta take my fire, that’s how I’m livin’ (Fire)
He can say what he want ’bout GetRichZay, guess what? Bitch, I’m litty (Aight, come on)
Shit they doin’, yeah, I did it (Yeah, come on)
Call my shooter, know he with it (Yeah, aight, come on)
Big Drac’ fire, it get to hittin’ (Aight, come on)
I don’t want that ho, foenem hit her (Aight, come on)
Yeah, yeah, foenem already hit that ho, what the fuck, nigga? (Aight, come on)
Know that chop catch hats, it wasn’t no leg, you better duck, nigga (Aight, come on)
Know my shooter gon’ slide just like a sled ’til it’s stuck, nigga (Slide, aight, come on)
Told that boy that he better go hide his hat, go put it up, nigga (Put it— aight, come on)


Song: All Creep
Album: Pilot St – EP (2022)
Artist: GetRichZay
Music: Maineestreamm & Prod Yayo
Lyrics: GetRichZay

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