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Armoire Lyrics by NNAMDÏ, from the album “Please Have A Seat“, music has been produced by NNAMDÏ, and Armoire song lyrics are penned down by NNAMDÏ.

Armoire Lyrics

I done came for the crown and I need all my flowers
Too hangry, devoured, they sour like kraut
I so rowdy, no wrestle, no doubt in me
Race it, I’m riding, I’m moving in motion now
Know it’s my time, I’ve been aging like wine
Balling Roddy, high fashion, I’m dripping in passion
Flew riding right pass them, all eyes steady fastened
I know that they wishing they know me
It’s a wrap when I come in, I’m back, I been summoned
Them hands get to pumping, the band get to bumping
I’m handsome and stubborn, you can’t tell me nothing
I bat like I’m Jackie, ain’t nobody passing me
Gobble like Willem, thе fuck was you punking?
Shine like a beacon, thе fuck was you thinking?
Crème de la crème, wide-eyed sweet on them Ms
I might spoil the fam

(Lay it down, lay it down)
Reign on me
(Lay it down, lay it down)
Reign on me

I pray I’m forgiven for all of my sins
Need to make my amends ‘fore they leave me for dead
Pray I stay calm, got the world in my palm
I won’t do it no harm, always over-perform
Made a decision to tunnel my vision
There’s no competition, I’m riding alone
Sound an alarm, been a while, but I’m home
Got my eye on the throne, you just keeping it warm
I’m going up, go and get the binoculars
Fuck being popular, I want the bread
I don’t fear death, I would welcome its kiss
If you fuck with my shit, I might come for your head
I used to dream I could have everything
I can finally see that I already did
312, love me, ain’t no man above me
So pull up a seat, I’ll make you a plate

(Lay it down)
Reign on me
(Lay it down, lay it down)
Reign on me
(Lay it down, lay it down)
(Lay it down, lay it down)


Song: Armoire
Artist: NNAMDÏ
Album: Please Have A Seat (2022)
Lyrics: NNAMDÏ

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