B22 Money Lyrics by Clavish, from the album “Rap Game Awful“, music has been produced by HD Beats, and B22 Money song lyrics are penned down by Clavish.

B22 Money Lyrics

Aw, I got rappers in my DM’s tryna’ disrespect my [?]
B22, Money for a verse
I don’t know what you heard or if you heard how I
She belong to the streets
Are you buzzing?
She a whore I hope
Telling people she my cousin
In my mouth I put half-a-dozen
Prettiest of women, with minimal discussion
Of course you brang it with us
When you see us in the function
In the hood, ni**a’s better [?] step
Started off the year [?] guns instead
[?] so when they see us they just run instead
[?] big homie we left
[?] a bitch, and a crazy one
So I ain’t’ gonna’ [?] about
Anybodys boot, with a baby [?]
Ni**a’s need to start [?] girls
Don’t f*ck guys that want to see you in thе mud
What the f*ck? You was only on that block


Song: B22 Money
Artist: Clavish
Album: Rap Game Awful (2023)
Music: HD Beats
Lyrics: Clavish

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