Better Than That Lyrics by Darius Campbell, from the album “Dive In“, and music has been produced by Alex James & Louis Read, and Better Than That song lyrics are penned down by Darius Campbell, Alex James & Louis Read.

Better Than That Lyrics

He tells you when
He tells you why
He tells you wherefore –
What to do and how it’s done
And how to be for him –
It’s all about control
It’s all about control
You’re his life
You’re his strength
But he’s you’re weakness
He knows you care
Knows you give
But he couldn’t care less –
He fits you to his mould
Chipping at you soul…
It tears me up
To see the way that he treats you
To see the way that he brings you
Down and down –
He’s turning you inside out
It breaks me up
To see the way that you take it
To see the way that he spins you
Round and round
Turning you upside down…
Mocking bird
Mocking bird…
Afraid to leave
Afraid to lose
Afraid of living –
You turn to him
You turn to me
But it lies in you –
It’s waiting to be found
It’s waiting to be found
So feel your heart
Feel your pain
Feel your anger
If you fight the fear
Find the words –
You’ll find the answer…
Like a cat held upside down
You’ll land feet on the ground…
You never know
What life will bring –
Trust your spirit
Find your wings
Find your voice
And let it sing
Let it sing…


Song : Better Than That
Album : Dive In (2002)
Singer: Darius Campbell
Music : Alex James & Louis Read
Lyrics: Darius Campbell, Alex James & Louis Read

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