Call Me… Lyrics by Bryson Tiller, from the album “Slum Tiller: Volume Two“, and Call Me… song lyrics are penned down by Bryson Tiller.

Call Me… Lyrics


Niggas be peepin’ hard, they act like they ain’t see the shit
I think they need a Serg’, finna make me reenlist
All of my cadets done bought baguettes, all ’bout achievements
That’s why I can’t believe he just be [?] off the main shit
Talking ’bout he decent, I’ma show you boys who decent is
Mirror on my face, you look me in the face you see a bitch
Pussy you perceive, how could they deceive me?
A young nigga feelin’ himself
Yeah, they had me convinced that I shouldn’t be feelin’ myself
‘Cause I don’t need assist, I get to beatin’, killin’ myself
Like it was seamless, I laugh when they look at me like I’m they not [?]
I swear, I got the same reaction back in ’15
Now I’m black stackin’, rappin’ like I’m backpackin’
Carry dead weight, straight to the win, they backtrackin’
Actin’ dumb now, and don’t pretend, that’s mad whack
Switchin’ topics like I did with the girl in the back chattin’
Asking ’bout my love, like tell me ’bout that status, she
Keep naggin’ for me team, no Flagstaff in Arizona, I don’t wanna get deep
Just ass clappin’, honey, if the conversation is weak
We Snapchattin’, I had better chats with GPT
Been on a telecast, doin’ shit with BET
So she could [?] how she see me
Niggas hatin’, I’m assumin’ they got EBT
‘Cause they see cash on the cover stackin’, “Who the fuck won’t hear this brother rappin’?”
But ain’t brave enough to challenge when it come to rappin’
A hundred racks if you could wash me then I’m done with rappin’
Back to singin’ to his bitch, she on the cover rappin’
And she say, “You the best, period” like a stomach crampin’
Keep it a hundred like some [?] and a couple Jacksons
I’m hot as Dolphins in Miami when they runnin’ practice
But I can see just why they punishin’ me for my absence
‘Cause what’s the game without Slummy? Bitch, I’m back in action
What’s the game without Tiller? Bitch, I’m back in action
Fuck the game, I doubt niggas want smoke with the Slum Dog

Slum Dog millionnaire
Or Slum Tiller, boy
A legend that’s what you can call me
Niggas say they want the smoke, I’m like, “Are you sure?”
If you got a problem, nigga, call me
Let’s hear it
Call me
Call me
Call me
Call me


Song: Call Me…
Artist: Bryson Tiller
Album: Slum Tiller: Volume Two (2023)
Lyrics: Bryson Tiller

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