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Come Apart Lyrics by Fazerdaze, from the album “Break! – EP“, music has been produced by Fazerdaze & Simon Gooding, and Come Apart song lyrics are penned down by Fazerdaze & Gareth Thomas.

Come Apart Lyrics

I saw something in your eye when you looked at me
I get a little bit uptight what this could mean
Now I’m trying to figure out what you were thinking
Now I’m figuring it out, it starts to sink in
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
We grow apart
We fall apart
We break apart
It’s just the start of us coming apart

Why do you, when I try to speak, yeah why do you talk over me?
I’m fed up of skirting around the truth when you look right through me
Wait a minute
Just admit it
Take a minute
To commit to a decision
Can we give in and
Admit this
That we’ve grown apart
We’re falling apart
Don’t make this hard
This is just the start
Of us coming apart

Apart at the seams
Pull apart at our dream
You were part of me
Now we break apart

I saw nothing in your eyes when you looked at me
I’ve known this for a while you and me it ain’t working
So take a minute, admit it, let’s commit to it
It’s a decision and we can get used to it
Cause we grow apart
We fall apart
We break apart
I know it’s hard
We’re coming apart

We’re coming apart


Song: Come Apart
Artist: Fazerdaze
Album: Break! – EP (2022)
Music: Fazerdaze & Simon Gooding
Lyrics: Fazerdaze & Gareth Thomas

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