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Dark Mode Lyrics by Lil Baby, and Dark Mode song lyrics are penned down by Lil Baby.

Dark Mode Lyrics


Twelve to twelve, I’m tryna bust the clock, the Ja Morant flow
I get in that zone, they get to callin’ it the dark mode
Love the fans so much, I hear ’em screamin’, “Pipe me up mo'”
Call me what you want, but if you know, they call me young G.O.A.T
Regular season cool but we not stoppin’ ’til we get a ring
Put the whole team on my back, I play through injuries
I leave blood and sweat out on that court and get a victory
I got my ROY, they should be giving me my MVP
I’ma ball until my kids gеt old, I feel like King James
Brodie say hе tryna get a B, we on the same page
I come from the bottom, where’s my moving now that I’m so famous?
I pull up and shoot from anywhere, bro, I got great aiming
You not young and turnt, if you don’t go hard, you really false claiming
I really go out to feed my family and call it entertainment
I go up on anybody, you scared, you better clear the lane then
You know that he cap, he tryna dap me up, I left him hanging
Thirteen years plus, been running it up, I’m starting to feel like James, man
First round draft pick, Rookie of the Year, you know how Baby came in
I’ma keep my mood like Kyrie Irving, ain’t doing no complainin’
Work in the dark, shine in the light
Red and yellow ‘Rari, paint wet, look like I’m Trae Young
Before I made it rappin’, I had green like I was Draymond
Them boys sittin’ on the bench, always get off, they don’t get to play long
They ’bout to cut the check, you know you next, you better stay on it
Love when I’m at home, but on the road, they really envy me
They know any given night, I’m down to score a fifty-piece
Ballin’ like I want to, you can’t stop it, I’m a different league
A dog whenever I get that ball, they know that I’m a different breed
Welcome to the dark (Welcome to the dark)


Song: Dark Mode
Artist: Lil Baby
Lyrics: Lil Baby

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