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Darkish Lyrics by Sharon Van Etten, from the album “We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong“, music has been produced by Sharon Van Etten & Daniel Knowles, and Darkish song lyrics are penned down by Sharon Van Etten.

Darkish Lyrics

Turn me back and you’ll say
“Here is what you have
Only in the stars you saw
Harmony is all you see
And home is what you hold
And what you have to hold
Is what you wanted”

“Cruel,” he said, once
It’s always once

All is harmony
Just once, it’s all, it’s done
And crazy as can be
It’s not dark, it’s only darkish

Tell me this one thing
Calling out to where
Where will we be when our world is done?
It’s done

Darkish inside of me


Song: Darkish
Album: We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong (2022)
Singer: Sharon Van Etten
Music: Sharon Van Etten & Daniel Knowles
Lyrics: Sharon Van Etten

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