Deebo Lyrics by 44 Bird & Kalon Mac, from the album “MICHAEL“, music has been produced by Kalon Mac, and Deebo song lyrics are penned down by Jacob Duran & Steven Palomo.

Deebo Lyrics

Hit him in the head with the 5 he got scoot back
Bird and Kalon Mac is the goat I say true that
Another bitch left me, but I still clap
I lost my old shit had to get a new gat
Pussy smell like shit ’cause I fucking ate Jack
Pass that bih like Melo, you know I don’t play that
RIP my brother, Imma get my payback
I ain’t puling up but I’ll tell you where the crib at
Ain’t got my license but you know Imma whip that
Just got her number but she sending pic’s of her ass
She in love me ’cause I’m fly and I smoke grass
She think that I’m a cheetah ’cause she saying I’m going too fast

No fucks I’m going 50 in a school zone
Moving in the M3 this one got 2 doors
Up at Newport posted up at Leedo
Got a chip on my shoulder, no Doritos
Homies got the tools on them like they Home Depot
Plug up in San Fran he like “Go Deebo!”
I could do everything I’m a real cheat code
Stunting on all y’all, Evil Knievel
Stripper bitch got me brick, Shaq at the free throw
White bitch slurp me in the morning like some Starbucks
Screaming out my name, would’ve thought she was starstruck
Building this cult following, Andrew Luck
Most hated ’cause I’m one of the greats, Westbrook Russ
Angels by my side I fight these demons yeah I’m blessed up
Disrespect the gang best believe you’ll remember us
Hit you with the earth, wind, and fire like September cuh

Bitch said she playing me that’s some blasphemy
Got a couple shooters in OC that’ll blast for me
Last week I had your baby momma throw it back for me
Now my ex calling my phone wanna get back with me
Punching in the booth, I’m getting pissed off
Finna push you to the ground like you Chris Paul
I fucked that white bitch inside the Brea Mall
She said it taste like weed when she drain my balls
Quit putting your hand out I don’t owe you
Sorry bitch but you gotta leave but my moms coming home soon
Hit the bih once and she act like she don’t know you
All these hoes running ’round and they telling no truth
You wanna end up fucking you need the permission
I ball like I’m Mike I got 23 Bitches
I’m shooting my shot and I’m never missing
I’m gulping the wock and this shit is delicious
That pussy delicious


Song: Deebo
Artist: 44 Bird & Kalon Mac
Album: MICHAEL (2023)
Album: Kalon Mac
Album: Jacob Duran & Steven Palomo

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