Melo Lyrics by 44 Bird & Kalon Mac, from the album “MICHAEL“, music has been produced by Kalon Mac, and Melo song lyrics are penned down by Kalon Mac & Jacob Duran.

Melo Lyrics

Did I think to tell you
How sweet, you are
Ooh how lucky I am
To be…

Back then I wasn’t worried ’bout them A’s and B’s
I was focused on making all the money (Let’s Go!)
Day dreaming of myself in that Maserati
With my first love I was tryna make her wifey
But thank god I dodged a bullet like Neo
I was just a youngin’ thought the love was for real
Eventually I picked up a pen and pad and I was glad
Took another path became the real deal
This how I felt back in them adolescent days
Fam struggling I’m tryna take the stress away
They say money ain’t thе key to happiness
But I’m tryna get thе bank and safe locked everyday
All gas no breaks I just go
‘Cause the road get bumpy everyone tryna win the race
Never caught an L, yeah I’m here to stay
Y’all better remember my name, ’cause
All these lames always shit talk on the phone
‘Cause I got they main bitch giving top on the low
All that hating shit, yeah that couldn’t be me
I ain’t with all that Jazz like Karl Malone
I’m way to busy ’cause labels call on the phone
If ain’t a milli then better leave me alone
I’ve seen stranger things in the trap like the show
And I’m just tryna get away like I’m shoveling snow

Bitch come here lemme nut in your throat (Yeah!)
I hit it one time then you gotta go
I got a 44 that’s the pistol I tote
And she laughing at my face I ain’t telling no joke
Shoot the lights out like Carmelo
Told my side hoe do not come to the show
I’m throwing all these bullets like Pat Mahomes
Bird and Kalon Mac, better watch the throne
Just to let you know I fucked you bitch on the low
I had to tell you ’bout that your girl is a hoe
That’s your bitch then why she give me head
I love her but she playing with my head
I got her booty shaking on my bed
It hurt but I can’t take back what I said
44 bullets that are flying at your head
You’re never coming back and that’s that, you are dead


Song: Melo
Artist: 44 Bird & Kalon Mac
Album: MICHAEL (2023)
Album: Kalon Mac
Album: Kalon Mac & Jacob Duran

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