From Uncle Herm Pt. 4 Lyrics by Larry June & Herm Lewis, and From the Album “Spaceships On The Blade“, Music has been produced by Jake One, and From Uncle Herm Pt. 4 song lyrics are penned down by Larry June, Herm Lewis & Jake One.

From Uncle Herm Pt. 4 Lyrics

How to survive Instagram Live
Face to face or Facebook Live
Larry June and I going to dot the I’s
Cross the T’s
You see the progress, we elevating
Like a jet taking flight from the runway
Uncle Herm been a boss
Since the days of roller decks
Way before Google or the internet
Maybe you moving too fast
You about to crash
Stay healthy, stay organic
Your associates can change
And I hope they do
But until they wake up
And smell the cookies
Don’t let that negativity
Prevent you from doing what you gotta do
I accepted the speaking invitation
And received an enthusiastic standing ovation
Until I told the crowd
To hold the applause
Stay in yo seat
Until the end of the speech
Yup, yup
That’s him
Herm Luke, Larry June


Song: From Uncle Herm Pt. 4
Album: Spaceships On The Blade (2022)
Artist: Larry June & Herm Lewis
Music: Jake One
Lyrics: Larry June, Herm Lewis & Jake One

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