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Galdem (Intro) Lyrics by TSHA, from the album “Capricorn Sun“.

Galdem (Intro) Lyrics

See the light You can see the light When I call your name I can see it. Oh, oh, feel it See the light You can see the light
Come on
Join me

Love it, it’s great
You make me laugh so much
To be fair, I will talk
I’m telling you to believe in your “sauce”
I don’t even believe in my own
Actually I only believe in my own “sauce” when I’m alone
And I’m in my mirror and I’m dancing to either Beyonce
Or ‘Into You’… ‘I’m Into You’… that tune
So yeah
But you’ve gotta have the mandem help you up
And that’s what I’m doing to you, hon


Song: Galdem (Intro)
Album: Capricorn Sun (2022)
Singer: TSHA

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