glah glah Lyrics by Lil Zay Osama, from the album “Trench Baby 3“, and music has been produced by DJ L DrakoMade & Prodpharoah, and glah glah song lyrics are penned down by Lil Zay Osama & Drako.

glah glah Lyrics

Ayy, yeah, nigga
Bitch, glah
Gang, gang, gang (Damn, Drako, you made this)

Gang on FaceTime with my opps, I call ’em cuz ‘n them (Call ’em cuz ‘n them)
We be killing shit, we be doing swipes for kills with blood ‘n them (With lil’ blood ‘n them)
They acting like lil’ shorty ain’t get passed, I thought it was him (Ah, ha)
Pussy boy, don’t say you finna bug up, nigga, bug them (Nigga, bug them)
We don’t do no leg shots, all we know is face face (Glah, glah)
Soon I hit the city, I just bought my shorty straight eight’s (Straight eight’s)
I wanna see some blood before I leave, kill lil’ Barny, SRT (Yeah, yeah)
All my lil’ bro ‘n them be tease, we on go (Glah) like shorty sleeve (Glah, glah)
Yeah, you ain’t got no money, must be talking ’bout my oppositions (Oppositions)
Lil’ fonem got beezed, who got the most? Shit, they in competion
Still slide on them G’s, I fought opps, that’s for Jay Money, nigga (Bitch)
We pulled up the air, this G-lock should be your momma, nigga (Glah, glah, glah, glah)
Niggas don’t even own a blick (Glah, glah, glah, glah)
Niggas baby mommas get digged down by the gang ’cause they can’t troll a bitch (They can’t troll a bitch)
Still sayin’, “GDK” and some my niggas folks and shit (GDK)
I’m rich and fonem pokin’ shit (What?)
You can’t hang with gang if you don’t chase ’em down, stand over shit (Come here)
Niggas be out here gang bangin’, can’t even up, no roller shit (Broke ass)
Shout out to them bitches that with gang, they get them loads for them (Ha, ha)
Real hood bitch, she off six ten’s (Six ten’s)
We got metal switches too but the opps switches be built in (Built in)
Ayy, that bitch gon’ do whatever to be around some rich men (Some rich men)
She ain’t get no dollars from me, she gettin’ them front built in (Bitch)
We need all that info (All that info)
Everybody reeled in (Ha, ha)
All that nasty cool but I like .40s, not no built can

Yeah (Glah), yeah (Yeah), yeah (Yeah), bitch (Huh), gang, nigga
You know how the fuck we rockin’, nigga
Gang shit only, nigga
Six around the gang, bitch
Ayy, ayy, glah, glah, glah, glah, gang


Song: glah glah
Album: Trench Baby 3 (2022)
Singer: Lil Zay Osama
Music: DrakoMade & Prodpharoah
Lyrics: Lil Zay Osama & Drako

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