Half Doin’ Dope Lyrics by JID Ft.BabyTron, from the album ” The Forever Story“, music has been produced by Aviad & Christo, and Half Doin’ Dope song lyrics are penned by JID & BabyTron.

Half Doin’ Dope Lyrics

(Hey, JID, bro what-)
My nigga, what’s headin’?
I’m back in this ho
(What goin’ on with y’all folks
I hope y’all straight)
Fuck all ’em crackers, I’m packin’ the pole
(Ayy, fuck all ’em stupid ass racist bitches)
I get them rappers, they tie me to podium
I ain’t spoken, I ain’t speak in the moment
It’s been a minute, I was feedin’ the homie
(Where the hell you been then, little bruh?)
Holdin’ it down, keep my niggas afloat
(Oh you mean like investin’?)
(Like givin’ back to the community?)
He in the mound with pounds of dope
(Oh shit I see what you mean, boy, you glowed up)
She got the mouth and a throat of a G.O.A.T
But bе on the proud to go fuck wit’ my bro
You scandalous hoes, olivia pope
I’m having somе motion
I’m having some brunch in Miami with Hova
I’m braggin’, I’m boastin’, I’m black as fuck
And just be draggin’ my scrotum
My medic fucking had a header so have us in robes
Half don’t have a daddy at home, half doing dope
Habitat and hazard, they having stones
Niggas hassling, running homes
Like a habit but amateurs [?]
(Run through that motherfuckin’ shit on the [?])
Look at me, drippy, he fresh off the boat
(Where you goin’, where you been, where you goin’ to?)
Can’t put the crown on the head of a GOAT
(Exactly, nigga, roll that shit up then)
Half of an ounce in the pouch of my coat
I used to be surfing on couches and sofas
Needed a shower, water and soap
(Damn, lil dirty ass nigga, how’d you get that shit then)
I put that shit on my back for the team
(Don’t bet protect yourself, nigga i know you ain’t playing)
Match up a scene, dion, celine
(You motherfuckin’ dog, he ain’t playin-)
One for my momma and one for my queen
I won for the drama, i’m causing a scene
They calling them traffic, i’m on 20 e’s
I’m come from atlanta, i’m tony, i’m tony montana, i’m total my toe and i tag ’em
He told me daddy never told any title
The total to [?] and a [?]
Attacking a [?], kick in my free castle
Travel a [?] In the [?]
[?] ‘fore i hit it there [?]
Shoot at the judge if he stand [?]

In the cut in a cap with a lick, whippin’ a lack on rims
I thought it was him (I thought that was you, my nigga)
I didn’t catch a nigga walkin out in the gym (Uh)

Easy or the hard way, I took the crack route
Ain’t it crazy that I never had to work the trap house
Novak Djokovic how I put em racks out
Old girl feelin cute cause she got her ass out
That’s 2022 for you
Why you call him broke when it’s time, he won’t shoot for you…


Song: Half Doin’ Dope
Album: The Forever Story (2022)
Singer: JID Ft.BabyTron
Lyrics: JID & BabyTron

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