Hell For This* Lyrics by YoungBoy Never Broke Again Ft. C-Murder, music has been produced by $hop With Ken & Ayo Bleu, and Hell For This* song lyrics are penned down by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, C-Murder, $hop With Ken & Ayo Bleu.

Hell For This* Lyrics

They say, “Bullets ain’t got no name” (Huh?)
Well, I say, “Bullets ain’t got no pain”
Don’t make bust yo’ fuckin’ brain, boy, I done changed
Look, I’m fucked up ’bout this game
Yo’ favorite rapper not no man
Steady poisonin’ yo’ lil’ mind, that boy ain’t bought a thing (Brr)
They done stopped the bitch from tryin’ to kill me
Pussy boy, you gon’ feel me, nigga know this be the real me
Look, I don’t need you for to kill ’em, youngin
Let that nigga slide
Pay for security with this fuckin’ money, he won’t trust this slime
My mama cryin’, I done seen it
My brother shot, seen him bleedin’
I got to break this fuckin’ cycle and I’ma do it by any reason
And my Pa’ heard that’s objective, God, I got a real meanin’
I was doped up off that boy inside my cell, the guards seen me
But, they want me fucked up, I say, “They got me fucked up”
Look, I don’t want to, but, I’ll make them fuckin’ slimes jump out this truck
Let’s come together and get rich, my nigga
I ain’t beefin’ ’bout no bitch, my nigga
I’m on a mountain, if you a lame, then, take yo’ ass back to the street, my nigga

He say “Bullets”


Song: Hell For This*
Artist: YoungBoy Never Broke Again Ft. C-Murder
Music: $hop With Ken & Ayo Bleu
Lyrics: YoungBoy Never Broke Again, C-Murder, $hop With Ken & Ayo Bleu

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