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Hey, It’s Betty Lyrics by Betty Who, from the album “BIG!“, and Hey, It’s Betty song lyrics are penned down by Betty Who, Martin Johnson, Danen Reed Rector & Brandon Paddock.

Hey, It’s Betty Lyrics

Hey, it’s Betty
I know it’s been a while
But I’ve been thinkin’ about what you said
And i wanted to say thank you
For every time your fire burned me
Every time you left me hollow
Every time you left a map of hurt
For every man who’s just like you to follow
I learned a little more, i worked a little harder
You might wanna watch this space
Cause i’m just getting started
All that is meant for me is coming
I’ll get what i deserve
And so will you
When you see my face
Can’t escape how you feel about it
Now i’m in your hеad
I hope you hate it
Feel me еverywhere
In your hair
Are you sick about it
Sleeping in your bed because you made it
Hard to believe i’m fine without you
Maybe for once it’s not about you
Feel me on your lips like a kiss
Tell me how does it taste
When you see my face


Song: Hey, It’s Betty
Artist: Betty Who
Album: BIG! (2022)
Lyrics: Betty Who, Martin Johnson, Danen Reed Rector & Brandon Paddock

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