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Hillbilly Music Lyrics by Jerry Lee Lewis, from the album “Jerry Lee’s Greatest!“, music has been produced by Sam Phillips (Producer), and Hillbilly Music song lyrics are penned down by Vaughn Horton.

Hillbilly Music Lyrics

Hillbilly fever goin’ ’round
Good old mountain music’s got me down
You hear guitar, fiddle
Boy, you’re shakin’ around
Hillbilly fever goin’ ’round

Well, rock ‘n’ roll music’s goin’ ’round
When you feel it, ooh you can’t sit down
Well, you gotta shake, break, oh yeah
This thing’s goin’ ’round the town
Rock ‘n’ roll music goin’ ’round
(Roll yeah!)

Oh, country music’s goin’ ’round
You get the feelin’, boy you can’t sit down
Well, you rock to the right
You rock to the left
You feel so doggone good
Mmm, this country music’s goin’ ’round
Yeah, this country music’s goin’ ’round
Yeah, rock ‘n’ roll music’s goin’ ’round


Song: Hillbilly Music
Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
Album: Jerry Lee’s Greatest! (1961)
Music: Sam Phillips (Producer)
Lyrics: Vaughn Horton

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