HOE (Heaven on Earth) Lyrics by JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown, from the album “SCARING THE HOES“, music has been produced by JPEGMAFIA, and HOE (Heaven on Earth) song lyrics are penned down by Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA.

HOE (Heaven on Earth) Lyrics

Yeah, my bitch, she’s so perfect and bad
And I love when she’s shakin’ that ass
Go ahead girl, put that guap in the bag
These niggas is trash, they be ass
This Kimber a freak, you get flashed
Why do these nobodies start with me?
They don’t got moves, don’t got beats, don’t got heart like me
It’s for real, bustin’ drums when I’m packin’ the steel
Fishy niggas fuck with her, get grilled, she shaking it up
She touchin’ my leg, I know she wanna f- (Fuck this club up)
Dicking her down ’til she feel like it’s us, make me feel like a slut
You know that there ain’t no heart in me
Die for my bitch, treat that ho like a part of me, uh
I’m not a bachelorette, I’m not a suitor
Bitch, where the cash at? I’m a computer
I feel like AB give Gisele the whole ruler
Keep one eye open like Slick Rick The Ruler
Got one in the head, headin’ straight for medullas
Triggerin’ nobodies, livin’ rent free
Bot niggas livin’ vicariously
Through niggas that don’t know they exist
If I was them, I’d be pissed
They ride dick for free and they can’t pay they rent
I spit on your bitch at the show, let me vent
She came back to you from a show, let him vent
Racks, I’ma get time like tax
‘Cause baby got back, I’m just tryin’ to relax

I was taught, bring it back in, let it off
My dawg caught a charge with the fentanyl
Now we pray up to above
Hopin’ in court that the judge show him love
Only in church when somebody passed
No hope for the future, we stuck in the past
Now we ante up on the bag, we makin’ a killin’, how long will that last?
Fell on my knees when I caught a felony
Tell me who there for me
Think I need therapy, sent God a text but his message turn green
Show me a sign, what do it mean?
Walkin’ in circles, these niggas is Urkel
I’m on my Stephon
Nigga, what is you on?
Pop up my collar, just like The Fonz
Heaven on earth but I’m hellbound
Shake it, took ya momma nine months to make it, don’t break it
No fake shit, have ya leanin’ back like the matrix
Ay bitch, fuckin’ with a nigga that’s god-tier
Trust me, you ain’t got an idea
Make ya move ’round like IKEA (Shoot)

I’ve named this one JPEG
Lord made heaven on Earth
The Lord made heaven on Earth
Lord who made heaven on Earth
The Lord made heaven on Earth
The Lord who made heaven on Earth
The Lord who made heaven on Earth
He will not slumber
He that keepeth thee
He will not slumber
He that keepeth thee
Behold he that keepeth Israel
Shall neither slumber nor sleep
Shall neither slumber nor sleep
The Lord—


Song: HOE (Heaven on Earth)
Artist: JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown
Album: SCARING THE HOES (2023)
Lyrics: Danny Brown & JPEGMAFIA

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