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Interlude: Speaker Phone Lyrics by Janet Jackson, from the album “The Velvet Rope“, music has been produced by Janet Jackson & Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and ​Interlude: Speaker Phone song lyrics are penned down by Janet Jackson, Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam.

Interlude: Speaker Phone Lyrics

[Janet Jackson]
I get so lonely, I can’t let just anybody hold me
You’re the one that lives in me, my dear
I want no one but you

[Lisa Marie Presley]

[Janet Jackson]
Hi, it’s me

[Lisa Marie Presley]
You got me on that damn speaker phone

[Janet Jackson]
Yeah, I do

[Lisa Marie Presley]
What you doin’ with your hands that you can’t pick up the phone?

[Janet Jackson]
Don’t you worry about it, I’m taking care of my business. What you doing?

[Lisa Marie Presley]
Hold on. Let me just, okay, here we go, I’m back

[Janet Jackson]
I’m, I’m goin’ out tonight, maybe. Wait hold on

[Lisa Marie Presley]
Your coochie gon’ swell up and fall apart


Song: Interlude: Speaker Phone
Artist: Janet Jackson
Album: The Velvet Rope (2022)
Music: Janet Jackson & Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis
Lyrics: Janet Jackson, Terry Lewis & Jimmy Jam

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